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Winter 18-19 :
Othmar Prenner (1966 - Taufers, IT)

The work of Othmar Prenner is strongly related to his life and roots, in the hearth of the Italian Alps.

After he completed a carpenter apprenticeship (so « he could still work with wood » his parents said), he studied sculpture in Innsbruck at the HTL (“Kunstgewerbeschule für Bildhauerei”) and moved to Munich where he developed his knowledge at the Kunstakademie. Beside his function as an assistant there and his deep exploration of photography, he worked for artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Sylvie Fleury, Jenny Holzer.

Back to Munich, after a year in NYC, he felt strongly called by the mountains of his childhood, and returned to northern Italy where he started to work with local materials he found in the valley. He followed the path of generations of farmers, that, because of secluded and difficult life conditions, learned to develop objects for themselves based on what the nature put around them. This way of constantly experimenting and developing things for himself lead Othmar Prenner to work with various material such as wood, stone, ceramics, steel, tin… combining a strong artistic taste and perfect craftsmanship excellence. His creations reflect the simplicity and strengths of the nature, blending timeless aesthetic with the certain elegant poorness of the Alpine valleys.

Othmar Prenner in his home - 2018

Othmar Prenner in his home - 2018